Episode 58 - The New 'It' Movie

Episode 61 Title.png

We take a shine to Clare and Anthony as they pitch us their own versions of a Stephen King movie. Clare gives us a movie that is most definitely NOT a metacommentary. Anthony stuffs his movie with movies that are stuffed with People. And in the end, sexism remains alive and well in Hollywood North.

Episode 56 - Can We Fix Bohemian Rhapsody


It’s too late. Jennifer and Grace’s time has come to pitch movies based on the song Bohemian Rhapsody. Jennifer makes the choice between incest and a camaro. Grace introduces her hot new character Dr. Baby. And in the end, Josef and Leete are the only losers.

Boardroom Bonus - Journalism Edition

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Episode 55 - Can We Beat Godzilla?

Episode 55 - title.png

Jordi and Trevor go big AND go home with their pitches for a new kaiju franchise. Jordi combines monsters and candy. Trevor finally reveals his kink. And in the end, we create the most compelling character in movie history.

Boardroom Bonus - Jason Statham Edition

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Episode 54 - Can We Give Tim Allen an Undeserved Comeback?

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Andy Bugelli and Grace Smith go to infinity and beyond to create a new Tim Allen vehicle. Andy is starting a new career path. Grace is cutting the crap. And in the end, all Josef wants is cold, hard cash.

Boardroom Bonus - Yes Swiping Edition

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Episode 53 - The Lance that Killed Jesus


In our Easter special, Connor Ferris and Vicky Gallant take a stab at creating a movie based around the Lance of Longinus, which purportedly pierced the side of Jesus on the cross. Connor turns a dead rat into a beautiful dead swan. Vicky’s got a soft spot in her heart for Seths in Hollywood. And in the end, the movie with the bigger demographic always wins.

Boardroom Bonus - Momdad Edition

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It’s just us in the boardroom this week, answering your listener questions and then doing some pitching of our own.

Episode 52 - Recapturing our childhood innocence with a movie set in a treehouse

Episode 54 Title.png

We roll down the rope ladder and let Jake and Kristen into the boardroom to pitch movies set in an idyllic treehouse. Jake gives an old star a new start while Kristen invents a new Hollywood actor. But in the end, it all comes down to the almighty dollar.

Boardroom Bonus - Strangling with a Knife Edition

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Episode 51 - Can you recapture your lost glory with a neon green Hummer?

Episode 53 Title.png

We’re trying to recapture our former glory by reusing the theme from our very first episode: A movie featuring a neon green Hummer. Grant is on the fence about Hummer Mermaids. Rachel invents reverse crying. And in the end, we learn that if you want to win on The Pitch-off Project, you should never trust Leete.

Boardroom Bonus - Amish Weed Edition

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It’s just us in the boardroom this week, answering your listener questions and then doing some pitching of our own.

St Paddy's Day Bonus Episode - Slitherland

St Paddys Day 2019 - Slitherland.png

Surprise! In a spirited bonus episode, we attempt to create the world’s greatest St. Paddy’s Day movie the world has ever seen. There’s no format, just intermittent dialect work. With Jessalyn Ferguson and Clare Blackwood. And in the end, is it possible that we made the most marketable film Ishtar Studios has ever developed?

Episode 50 - A Modest Proposal

Episode 52 Title.png

We have the recipe for success when we ask Clare Blackwood and Andrew Gaunce to adapt Jonathan Swift’s satirical essay A Modest Proposal, but they both have other ideas. Clare changes her mind regarding Maggie Smith’s cannibalism. Andrew films 600 hours of Jack Black antics. And in the end, declaring a winner becomes an act of mercy.