Episode 58 - The New 'It' Movie

Episode 61 Title.png

We take a shine to Clare and Anthony as they pitch us their own versions of a Stephen King movie. Clare gives us a movie that is most definitely NOT a metacommentary. Anthony stuffs his movie with movies that are stuffed with People. And in the end, sexism remains alive and well in Hollywood North.

St Paddy's Day Bonus Episode - Slitherland

St Paddys Day 2019 - Slitherland.png

Surprise! In a spirited bonus episode, we attempt to create the world’s greatest St. Paddy’s Day movie the world has ever seen. There’s no format, just intermittent dialect work. With Jessalyn Ferguson and Clare Blackwood. And in the end, is it possible that we made the most marketable film Ishtar Studios has ever developed?

Episode 50 - A Modest Proposal

Episode 52 Title.png

We have the recipe for success when we ask Clare Blackwood and Andrew Gaunce to adapt Jonathan Swift’s satirical essay A Modest Proposal, but they both have other ideas. Clare changes her mind regarding Maggie Smith’s cannibalism. Andrew films 600 hours of Jack Black antics. And in the end, declaring a winner becomes an act of mercy.

Boardroom Bonus - Blythe Danner Spirit

BB Banner.png

It’s just us in the boardroom, answering your listener questions and then doing some pitching of our own.

Marketing Mix - New Phone Who Dis

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We’re back for another Marketing Mix with our Executive Marketing Guru Jessica Fife. This week, we’re marketing Clare Blackwood’s movie time travel adventure, New Phone Who Dis? Our marketing strategy will touch on Luddism, malice towards Nick Cage and nostalgia.

Episode 42 - New Phone Who Dis

New Phone Who Dis.png

Trevor Tranter and Clare Blackwood dial in and tell us about their movies titled New Phone Who Dis? Trevor discloses his real address on the air. Clare discovers the power of true love. And in the end, we get a classic Hollywood win-win!

Clare and Trevor have their final show from the Second City Conservatory on December 8 at 1:00. Go to the Second City box office to buy tickets. Trevor would like some shoes.

Halloween Bonus - Aquarium of Horror

Episode 41b Title.png

Spooky Vicky Gallant and Ryan “F is for Frankenstein” Hughes creep into the studio to pitch their horror movies set at an aquarium. Vicky plans the next stage of Hot Criminal’s career. Ryan plans the next stage of Frasier’s apartment’s career. And in the end, we choose a winner… for the usual reasons.

Check out Vicky’s podcast We Want the D at wewantthed.com or wherever you got this podcast. Ryan’s duo Wiskey Kids has a short called Crit coming out soon. His other duo, Trash Panda, will be competing in the World’s Biggest Improv Tournament in the new year at SoCap.

Episode 40 - Hot Summer Trend - LIVE

Episode 42 - LS01 title.png

Jake Martin and Clare Blackwood are LIVE at the Social Capital theatre pitching their movies based on that hot summer trend… you know the one! Jake introduces us to the 16th century’s most progressive Pope. Clare pushes her fashion agenda. And in the end, the audience will decide who gets a lucrative development deal.

Episode 37: Universal Movie Monsters

Episode 38 Title.png

Clare Blackwood and Ryan F. Hughes unleash the monsters within to create iconic new Universal-style movie monsters. Clare plans a massively awful onscreen kiss. Ryan gets cagey about a Dracula. And in the end, as is so often the case in Hollywood, it all comes down to the branding possibilities of the franchise.

Clare and Ryan are a sketch duo called Those Whisky Kids - they can be found on twitter and instagram.

Clare and Ryan are a sketch duo called Those Whisky Kids - they can be found on twitter and instagram.