Episode 56 - Can We Fix Bohemian Rhapsody


It’s too late. Jennifer and Grace’s time has come to pitch movies based on the song Bohemian Rhapsody. Jennifer makes the choice between incest and a camaro. Grace introduces her hot new character Dr. Baby. And in the end, Josef and Leete are the only losers.

Episode 54 - Can We Give Tim Allen an Undeserved Comeback?

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Andy Bugelli and Grace Smith go to infinity and beyond to create a new Tim Allen vehicle. Andy is starting a new career path. Grace is cutting the crap. And in the end, all Josef wants is cold, hard cash.

Episode 51 - Can you recapture your lost glory with a neon green Hummer?

Episode 53 Title.png

We’re trying to recapture our former glory by reusing the theme from our very first episode: A movie featuring a neon green Hummer. Grant is on the fence about Hummer Mermaids. Rachel invents reverse crying. And in the end, we learn that if you want to win on The Pitch-off Project, you should never trust Leete.

Episode 46 - Leete's Birthday 2019

Episode 48 Title.png

With Leete in the big boy chair this week, Ryan F. Hughes and Grace Smith try to pitch movies to launch the acting career of Leete’s sister. Ryan has at least one secret. Grace just can’t even with Li’l Poopoo. But in the end, family always comes before business.

Boardroom Bonus - Blythe Danner Spirit

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It’s just us in the boardroom, answering your listener questions and then doing some pitching of our own.

Marketing Mix - Don't Tell Daddy: Meow


We’re back in the boardroom with our Executive Marketing Guru, Jessica Fife. This time, we’re marketing the Grace Smith, Hayden Finkelshtain co-production Don’t Tell Daddy: Meow. Our marketing strategy touches on Peter Dinklage, hot, fit young guys and credit card scanners.

Don't Tell Daddy: A Sexy, Grown-up Romp vs Don't Tell Daddy: Uncle Bear's Cabin

Episode 37 Title.png

We’re keeping mum as Hayden Finkelshtain and Grace Smith pitch their movies based on the title Don’t Tell Daddy. Hayden explains to the boardroom how sexy things happen. Grace makes Hayden lose his fucking mind. And in the end, the only rule is: There are no rules.

Please I Need This Please vs Karmadillo

Episode 33 Title.png

Grace and Jordi roll up their sleeves to create a movie that makes use of a perfectly realistic armadillo costume. Grace spends an inordinate amount of time and energy looking at Josef in the eyes. Jordi shows off their secret expertise in Zoology. And in the end, we’re all just trying to make Lorraine proud.

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