Episode 53 - The Lance that Killed Jesus


In our Easter special, Connor Ferris and Vicky Gallant take a stab at creating a movie based around the Lance of Longinus, which purportedly pierced the side of Jesus on the cross. Connor turns a dead rat into a beautiful dead swan. Vicky’s got a soft spot in her heart for Seths in Hollywood. And in the end, the movie with the bigger demographic always wins.

Halloween Bonus - Aquarium of Horror

Episode 41b Title.png

Spooky Vicky Gallant and Ryan “F is for Frankenstein” Hughes creep into the studio to pitch their horror movies set at an aquarium. Vicky plans the next stage of Hot Criminal’s career. Ryan plans the next stage of Frasier’s apartment’s career. And in the end, we choose a winner… for the usual reasons.

Check out Vicky’s podcast We Want the D at wewantthed.com or wherever you got this podcast. Ryan’s duo Wiskey Kids has a short called Crit coming out soon. His other duo, Trash Panda, will be competing in the World’s Biggest Improv Tournament in the new year at SoCap.

Boardroom Bonus - WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYY Edition


Josef and Leete are alone in the boardroom answering listener questions on our favourite Pitch-off Project projects, foreign countries and Meryl Streep. Followed by a lightning round of movie pitches titled: Dog Seeking Dog, Psy-Clone, Sing for the Fences, Niagara Rises, The Groundhog of Summer and El Amor Qui No Habla Ingles: A Star Wars Story.