Boardroom Bonus - WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYY Edition


Josef and Leete are alone in the boardroom answering listener questions on our favourite Pitch-off Project projects, foreign countries and Meryl Streep. Followed by a lightning round of movie pitches titled: Dog Seeking Dog, Psy-Clone, Sing for the Fences, Niagara Rises, The Groundhog of Summer and El Amor Qui No Habla Ingles: A Star Wars Story.

True Dat Trudeau vs Just Justin

Episode 29 Title.png

In our special Canada Day bonus episode, Clover Whileaway and Hayden Finkelshtain see who’ll be first past the post with a movie that will launch the acting career of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Clover sparks a lively debate on the ethics of time travelling abortion. Hayden reveals his long-hidden “Buddy” crush. And in the end, the development deal goes to the person who’s lived a life that’s full.

Clover wants you to go to 7 Ages, which is on every third Thursday of the month at the Social Capital. Hayden tells you to check out Super Science Friends by Tinman Creative Studios.