Episode 53 - The Lance that Killed Jesus


In our Easter special, Connor Ferris and Vicky Gallant take a stab at creating a movie based around the Lance of Longinus, which purportedly pierced the side of Jesus on the cross. Connor turns a dead rat into a beautiful dead swan. Vicky’s got a soft spot in her heart for Seths in Hollywood. And in the end, the movie with the bigger demographic always wins.

Boardroom Bonus - Blythe Danner Spirit

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It’s just us in the boardroom, answering your listener questions and then doing some pitching of our own.

Marketing Mix - New Phone Who Dis

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We’re back for another Marketing Mix with our Executive Marketing Guru Jessica Fife. This week, we’re marketing Clare Blackwood’s movie time travel adventure, New Phone Who Dis? Our marketing strategy will touch on Luddism, malice towards Nick Cage and nostalgia.

Episode 42 - New Phone Who Dis

New Phone Who Dis.png

Trevor Tranter and Clare Blackwood dial in and tell us about their movies titled New Phone Who Dis? Trevor discloses his real address on the air. Clare discovers the power of true love. And in the end, we get a classic Hollywood win-win!

Clare and Trevor have their final show from the Second City Conservatory on December 8 at 1:00. Go to the Second City box office to buy tickets. Trevor would like some shoes.