Episode 55 - Can We Beat Godzilla?

Episode 55 - title.png

Jordi and Trevor go big AND go home with their pitches for a new kaiju franchise. Jordi combines monsters and candy. Trevor finally reveals his kink. And in the end, we create the most compelling character in movie history.

Episode 42 - New Phone Who Dis

New Phone Who Dis.png

Trevor Tranter and Clare Blackwood dial in and tell us about their movies titled New Phone Who Dis? Trevor discloses his real address on the air. Clare discovers the power of true love. And in the end, we get a classic Hollywood win-win!

Clare and Trevor have their final show from the Second City Conservatory on December 8 at 1:00. Go to the Second City box office to buy tickets. Trevor would like some shoes.

Marketing Mix - Don't Tell Daddy: Meow


We’re back in the boardroom with our Executive Marketing Guru, Jessica Fife. This time, we’re marketing the Grace Smith, Hayden Finkelshtain co-production Don’t Tell Daddy: Meow. Our marketing strategy touches on Peter Dinklage, hot, fit young guys and credit card scanners.

Boardroom Bonus - Hardwood Jones Edition


Josef and Leete are alone in the boardroom answering listener questions on the end of Inception, romantic subplots and Alopecia Jerry. Followed by a lightning round of movie pitches titled: Over, Sideways and Under; Acorn: the Story of Oak; A Hundred Bad Guys With Swords; Make Like a Tree and Love; All I Gotta Do Is Jump; and The Legend of Hardwood Jones.