Boardroom Bonus - Strangling with a Knife Edition

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Boardroom Bonus - Huge Paws Edition

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Leatherbutt vs Leatherbutt: You Can't Avoid the Void

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In an effort to cash in on the popularity of Leatherface, Rod Brixton and Brett Loughery create movies with the regrettable title of Leatherbutt. Rod pitches a sports movie in which two rival high school teams unite right at the beginning. Brett tries to land a director whose name he can’t pronounce.And in the end, will the magic of song conjure up a winner or a loser?


Brett Loughery’s (right) podcast Wrestle Daddies can be found on whatever device you’re using to listen to this episode. Rod Brixton (portrayed here by MK Morris, left) is a huge fan of See You Next Tuesday, the first Tuesday of the month at Second City Toronto.